Blood diseases may present with three different types of problems

  • Patient may present with low haemoglobin and red blood cells and it is known as anaemia. There are many causes of anaemia, some of which require sophisticated investigations and management and it is only possible in some major hospitals properly equipped to handle such cases.
  • Bleeding problems - Patients may bleed spontaneously or after minor fiauma. It may be an acute problem or it may be a life long inherited problem. It requires special laboratory work up and treatment with blood products like Platelet and Haemophilic Factor and other medicines.
  • Another blood disease is the malignant diseases of blood and blood related organs like lymph nodes, bone marrow, etc. Patients with this dreadful disease are to be regularly investigated and treated under overall care of clinical Hematologist and Oncologist.

Patients with hematological disorders are regularly referred to Rajasthan Hospitals, not only from neighbouring areas but also from adjoining states to avail of the Hematology facilities available at this Institute.